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The dark ages

20090905_11photo © 2009 Erik Stabile | more info (via: Wylio)

For such a sunny morning, it was pretty dark in our offices.  And eerily quiet. 

As you know, SCLS Headquarters had a power outage this morning that took *everything* down--- email, network and web services, Dynix, database access, Library Online... even our cordless office phones. Ugh!  A transmission line was down in the area, and it interrupted service for about 1,000 power customers.

What did we do when the power went out? We...

  • contacted people to find out what was going on and how soon service might be restored
  • updated the SCLS status page so any libraries who have non-SCLS networks could easily see what was going on
  • powered down the servers that were running on limited battery backup (much better than having them shut down abruptly when the backup power runs out!)
  • called the libraries using personal cell phones and spare corded phones that don't require an outlet

Thanks for all of your patience this morning!  It was stressful and chaotic on our end, and I'm sure it was even more so at your libraries!! 


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