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PublicIP Wifi and the Nook eBook Reader - Problems

I've done some testing and am sad to report that the Nook eBook reader can't connect to the wireless in libraries who use the PublicIP wireless system. Unfortunately, that means most libraries in SCLS. I'm not entirely certain what is causing this problem but I have an educated guess.

Here are the normal steps a laptop user takes to connect to the wifi:

  1. Connect to the wireless signal in the library.
  2. Open a standard browser. (usually Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome)
  3. Get the wifi logon page.
  4. Logon and start using the wifi.

Here's what happens with the Nook software version 1.5:

  1. Connect to the wireless signal in the library.
  2. Open the Nook browser.
  3. You get a blank page and you are stuck.

For some reason the Nook browser can't display the logon page. My best guess it that the page can't be displayed for two reasons.

  1. The proprietary Nook browser is not capable of displaying the PublicIP logon screen due to poor programming.
  2. The proprietary Nook browser can't display secure (HTTPS) website.

At this point in time there isn't much I can do to fix this problem. I'll continue to investigate any solution I find.


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I cannot get my android phone to connect either.

My wife and I came across this very issue today w/ her Nook. This needs to be addressed very quickly! Thanks for any help!

This problem is common to all access points that use the ad hoc method of redirecting your first request to a HTTP(s) login page.

This isn't part of any protocol (actually it subverts existing ones), and while effective for web-based users it breaks *every* other protocol if it happens to connect first.

As of today, the Nook doesn't have a fully capable non-beta browser (without hacking it to install android).

Unfortunately, the reason the browser is not out of beta or fully featured may be a strategic one. The browser provides an alternate content-delivery platform capable of cutting B&N out. This is similar to Apple's iOS not having flash.

You should be able to profile the response behavior of the PublicIP unit and determine what is happening. For example, does it:
~ use HTTP 302 to redirect to login page? 303 or other?
~ include a viewable body w/ the redirect?
~ include META-REFRESH? or javascript?
~ or just interject HTML as though it were the target host?
~ Are all parts of the response well formed? Do they validate?

I would be interested in hacking on this problem if I had a PublicIP setup nearby.

I just got a new basic Nook and it got on our library's wireless, which requires a password, without any problems at all.

Thanks for this post, Dan. I'm a library director at a small library on Cape Cod, with no tech support from the town or automated network. We do it all ourselves - without any dedicated tech staffing - and do a pretty decent job for the most part, too. I was investigating the problem and was glad to find your post because if a real technology person couldn't solve the issue with the nook and publicip, then I clearly was not going to be able to! I subscribed to the feed in case you find a solution. I've also been checking our your other posts, which will be very helpful, too.

Joe, glad to read your suggestions. Are there any publicip locations near you? Their hotspot directory is at http://www.publicip.com/directory.php.

Can you let me know if you find a solution? My email is vhewitt@clamsnet.org. Also, does publicip know of the problem? It's too bad their support site is no longer available. Not being a systems person, I found it very educational to read the forums.


The original poster is correct...if you have a system that lets you connect to the web but then REDIRECTS to a login page then the NOOK just goes to a blank page..it says it is connected and then a window says do you want to continue to log in and you say yes and it goes to a blank page...so the person who said they logged in just fine was using a system where you simply go to a log in page that isn't a REDIRECTED page. I'm sitting in a Hilton Hotel with my brand new but soon-to-be-returned NOOK because of this.

i am having an issue with the login using a Mac Book Pro. Am I missing something? The Nook screen come up but it does not offer a logon? I love the product but cannot fully utilize on my mac.

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