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I have the power!

At the annual family camping trip last year, I had to laugh at the number of gadgets that were on the table one night.  Even with leaving a number of gadgets at home because we were camping, a couple of GPS units and three cell phones ended up scattered all over the camper to recharge.  Even at home it’s gotten to the point I can’t keep everything plugged in by my “tech corner”.  There simply aren’t enough outlets and there’s the added problem of figuring out which charger is the right one and making sure I even have the right charger for the gadget and didn’t leave it somewhere. 

Too many different, often incompatible chargers for too few outlets and an interest in portable recharging have had me looking into a number of different ways to go about charging the gadgets in my life. 

One of the technologies I’m interested are the wireless or induction chargers.  I’d seen these demoed years ago and now they’re actually available.  Put the charging sleeve or clip on your device and then all you have to do is set it on the charging pad.  No looking for the right adapter and, since they supposedly can charge multiple devices at the same time, you only need to use one outlet. 

Unfortunately the reviews for the wireless chargers point out a number of limitations with the technology yet, including needing to take the charging sleeve or clip off to sync the device with your PC, so I think I’ll stick with plan B for now; A do-it-yourself docking station.  While it’s not going to help with the number of outlets, it definitely helps with the organization and finding the right plug for your gadget. 


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