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Winter Fashion Tip

Every Christmas, my in-laws give me a pair of gloves for Christmas.  It's really nice because I haven't had to buy new gloves in ten years.  Last Christmas, the gloves I received were technology-related.  They bought me a pair of Isotoner SmarTouch gloves.
Your bare fingeGlovesrs and touchscreens are conductive to electrical impulses.  When you wear normal gloves, touchscreens do not respond to the movements of your fingers because gloves are not conductors.  The new SmarTouch gloves have a conductive thread at the tip of the index fingers and thumbs that is compatible with the touchscreens on iPads, iPhones and most other SmartPhones. 

I have a work-provided HTC SmartPhone to communicate with co-workers while on the road.  Before I had the Isotoner gloves, I'd have to take off my gloves just to accept a phone call or dial out.  The gloves are comfortable and the palm is imprinted with silicone so you don't have to worry about your phone slipping away.  You may want to give these a try next winter.


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