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Comment Contest!

wouldn't lunch with Craig be fun?
TechBits is two years old.  To celebrate, we're having a comment contest! 

What might you win?  A $20 Amazon gift certificate  - OR -   lunch with Craig.  (He notes, "Lunch with me is a *great* prize, but you'll have to treat. I like barbecue!")

How can you enter?  Simply leave us a comment and share one or more of the following:

  • your favorite post(s)
  • things you've learned about through TechBits that you're using at your library
  • topics you'd like us to cover
  • an area of technology you're interested in for your library

Official Rules: To enter, leave a comment on this post by Friday, March 11th.  Provide your real e-mail address so we can get in touch with you later (it will not be posted on the Internet). Anyone can comment (we're very interested in the feedback!), but you must be an employee of a South Central Library System member library to win.  The winner will be announced on the blog.

We'd like to make TechBits as interesting and relevant as we can, and every comment and bit of feedback helps!


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I have to say, the hey-did-you-know tips are always my favorite - I mean the hints on little-know features in the programs I use all the time. For example: the recent drag-to-a-new-window in Firefox (which has changed my life!) Or Word or Excel features.

And the pictures and videos are always worth a click-through!

Being a librarian, I like any post with a cat pictured or mentioned. It's easier for me to retain new information when it's packaged in cuteness. The tips & tricks are my favorite. The post "Fixing Web Browser Printouts That Are Too Small To Read" really came in handy.

My most-used recent post has been the one about how to change the size of text when printing from the Internet. I've used that multiple times already, for myself and also with patrons. Thank you!

I'm relieved that I'm not a library employee and therefore I'm ineligible to win lunch with Craig.

I'm just glad SCLS has a Technology focus. It's great to have someone watching new trends and letting us know what's up. I'll pass on dinner with Craig though, but perhaps you could convince Kerri to bake some donuts?

I like the everyday type of tips that make my life easier like how to convert a PDF to graphic

Well, my favorite post has been the Zamzar one. In fact, I printed it out, LAMINATED it and posted it by all our patron computers. In fact, when Kerrie and Dan were last here, they both commented on it. I also like the posts regarding the switch over to Koha. Although we are not part of LINK per se, we are using KOHA and a number of the posts have been incredibly helpful. I bought the TSP reciept printer based on Tech Bits recommendation. I have the dymo label maker on order now.

My question is, how is the winner chosen? Best Essay? Random draw? Incriminating photos? What's the criteria?

@Rob - you might be interested to know that Rose and I floated around the idea of baked goods as a prize. :)
@Darla - We count the number of eligible posts, use a random number generator, and that numbered post is our winner. (So you can butter us up---we always love good feedback!---but in the end it won't improve your odds of winning).

I like them all! It's a fabulous way to learn new stuff. It only takes a couple of minutes to read, it's easy to understand and always helpful.

I just love Tech bits! I recently told three people about the heat sensored fingertip gloves. I would like to hear more stuff about e-readers and mp3 players.

As a SCLS n00b, I'm happy to see there are tech savvy people working for the system. I enjoy hearing about new trends, but am particularly interested in posts about technology being considered or currently being implemented by SCLS.

I'd like to see more in the future about ecommerce and mobile websites/services.

...and neither here nor there, but when will SCLS be getting an app? (I assume the conversation won't start until after the migration.)

I agree that the small tips for day to day help are very useful. Keyboard shortcuts were a hit for me.

I'm also wondering about a mobile app - particularly for the catalog. Would this be something we could have when Koha goes live (or in the not too distant future after Koha goes up?).

I like that I learned that Kerri makes doughuts! Can those be sent w/inter-d envelopes?

@Tim - Rob was stretching the truth. I merely *sold* donuts in another life (before ending up working at the library).
FYI - donuts, though tasty, are not technology related. ;)

I especially appreciate the humorous photos that are occasionally used in TechBits featuring SCLS staff dressed in such lovely attire as feather boas. My request would be more along this front or, as Kelly suggests in an earlier comment, librarians can never have too many cats.

I can always use more e-reader and Overdrive tips. I think it would be great if the process for downloading e-books/e-audiobooks (and the various softwares required) could be streamlined.

The most recent tip I used was importing my Windows Explorer bookmarks to Firefox. This has been a real time saver! Keep up the good work Tech Bits! I also wouldn't mind if you continue adding cute bits with cats, dogs, hamsters, whatever...

I just recently subscribed to techbits and I don't know why I hadn't done it before. I had recently made a suggestion for a Techbits artical and whamo, it was the next one. I like that I feel listened to and that the articles are brief and easy to understand.

I also greatly enjoyed Jon Mark's post about gifts for the techie....especially the flask disguised as a cellphone. Who HASN'T grown tired of "the man" at one point or another? And like House, I like the fact that Jon Mark plays by his own rules.... ;)

I was really excited to learn about Google Bookmarks in the post about the demise of Delicious the other day - I never really got into using Delicious, but I'm a big fan of Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Reader, so I'm excited to have another useful tool so easily available!

I agree with the "like them all" comment. I think the variety and usability is excellent. Thanks!

I am in the process of moving to a unified password, as TechBits mentioned in So many passwords...so little time

I love the posts which share tips on how to make something easier to do/understand/explain (e.g. Overdrive). But I also love those which share new technologies (e.g. qr codes). A great blog - keep it up!

I love all the tips & tricks posts- usually the photos catch my eye first! You people must spend a boatload of time on photo sites! Thanks for all the timesaving tips.

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