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It's cold outside... but ebook readers are HOT!

Whew! The holidays are over! The food is gone, your in-laws are on their way home and the presents have been opened. That means it's time to play with your new ebook reader. The device is ready, you've   read the manual, and you're trembling with the anticipation of downloading your first ebook from OverDrive.  Wait, oh no, the OverDrive website is down? What? How can this be....

Over Christmas there was an "unprecedented spike in traffic" on the OverDrive website. This means two things. First, OverDrive wasn't working. Second, more people than ever received ebook readers for Christmas. 

Ebook readers are more popular than ever.  It's important to know how they work and where people find content for the various devices.  SCLS has the most popular ebook readers available for checkout by member libraries. This gives you a chance to get your hands on an ebook reader to see what it can do. As the ebook world grows, free content will be harder and harder to find. That's where OverDrive comes in. Depending on the device, people can download free ebooks using their library card and free software.

During the OverDrive outage, SCLS received a number of calls regarding the status of the OverDrive service. Since it was during a holiday, most people were out of the office. In situations like this remember that you should always check the SCLS Status Wiki for up to the minute support information. In the case of the OverDrive outage, all the information you needed to know was listed on the SCLS Status Wiki.

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