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Fixing Web Browser Printouts That Are Too Small To Read

Have you ever printed a webpage from Internet Explorer or Firefox and it came out too small to read?  Well, I have the solution for your problem. 

This solution works for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  1. Launch browser
  2. Select the webpage you wish to print
  3. Click on File
  4. Click on Print Preview
  5. For Internet Explorer
    •  Find the Change Print Size (Alt+S) dropdown box
  6. For Firefox
    • Find the Scale (Alt+S) dropdown box
  7. Click on the down arrow
  8. Choose a larger percentage or "Shrink To Fit"
  9. Print webpage
  10. View printed page without needing a microscope

One other item to note with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.  You can use CTRL + on a webpage to make it larger, but this does nothing for changing the size when it prints.

Special thanks go out to Rob Klecker of MOO for having this problem; thus creating the idea for this post.


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For on screen view changes, don't forget the alternative to using the Ctrl key with + and - keys. Ctrl key with mouse wheel works as well.

Also, for printing, be sure to try out the site you are interested in to see if they have a Print button or link for you, because the results of clicking that can be quite different than just picking Print from the browser tool bar or menus. This is because a site link may invoke additional site scripting or alternative CSS styling to make the on screen design more "printable".

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