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6 Library Tech Blogs I Love

  1. Swiss Army Librarian - blog by Brian Herzog mostly about library and technology issues relating to public libraries.
  2. The Ides (Winnefox) - publication of the Winnefox Library System in WI, providing tips and tricks for their member libraries.
  3. Sites and Soundbytes - by Tasha Saecker, director of the Menasha Public Library in WI.
  4. SPLAT (Special Projects Library Action Team) - SPLAT is a statewide (Idaho) collaborative that seeks innovation and trends in libraries, vets these ideas, and ultimately shares them with the library community.
  5. TechSoup for Libraries - blog by TechSoup, a nonprofit devoted to making technology and technology education available and affordable to nonprofits and libraries all over the world.
  6. Musings about librarianship - by Aaron Tay, a librarian at the National University of Singapore Libraries, for "Keeping track of interesting and cool ideas that might be used by libraries for benefit of users."

and the reasons I love them:

  1. Post frequency is not overwhelming
  2. Posts are generally fairly short
  3. Posts almost always discuss technology in a library context (or libraries in a technology context)Redheart
  4. Posts are usually on topics that interest me (trends, mobile devices, interesting projects being done by libraries, tips & tricks, software)

What library tech blogs do YOU love?