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There's no place like Home Library (LINKcat libraries)

Smithsonian (American History) Dorothy's Ruby Slippersphoto © 2009 George Martin | more info (via: Wylio)

If your library subscribes to an online resource (through WiLS) that isn't available to all of SCLS, access to that resource is determined by a patron's "home library" in Dynix.

What does this mean?  An example. 

If I live in the Town of Scott in Columbia County and have the Portage Public Library as my "home library" in Dynix, I will have access to resources subscribed to by the Portage Public Library.

If, instead, I have the Pardeeville Public Library as my "home library" in Dynix, I'll have access to the Pardeeville Public Library's subscriptions.

What does changing a patron's "home library" affect?

For LINKcat libraries, the home library indicator serves two purposes: 

  • It determines where the patron will pick up holds.
  • It determines which databases the patron can access from outside the library. 

If you change a patron's home library to another library and the patron places a hold for an item in LINKcat, the pickup location will automatically be the patron's “new” home library (although the patron can change this, on a case by case basis, at the time s/he places a hold). 

Information about "Home Library" can be found here:  http://www.scls.info/resources/help.html

Have questions about this?  Ask Kerri or Rose.
What if a patron has the correct home library but still can't access the resource?  Contact Kerri and she'll get to the bottom of it!


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