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Honey, I Proxied the Cat

I love movies that strike me as clever and funny and well-executed, like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and other Rick Moranis films. Of course, it is not just movies I like, but all wit and humor, especially when I've been working too hard at the mad scientist thing; for example, while preparing for an ILS migration to Koha.

Speaking of which, what is going to happen to the paragraph above when we migrate? All of those hyperlinks go into LINKcat using a query syntax that is specific to the Dynix PAC server. That is not going to work too well for Koha. Or is it?

In short, yes, this should work just fine. These links (along with thousands of others like them in SCLS library web sites, email newsletters, blogs and other formats) are eligible for an automatic translation into Koha query syntax. We'll just need to mix a little Perl scripting with some Apache web server rules, add a gram or two of unobtainium, and finally expose the resulting catalog proxy server to a short burst of intense gamma rays...

Seriously though, smart folks at SCLS are working on smooth continuity of service for all "things that link to LINKcat", and these things are looking pretty good overall. Most links should carry forward with ease. Stay tuned for details of how the SCLS catalog proxy server will help us pave over a number of migration speed bumps. When the dust has settled, no one should be singing the blues.


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