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OverDrive Advantage Plan now available for WPLC member libraries

Overdrive Advantage 2.0 is now available, as an option, for WPLC member libraries to purchase additional copies of Overdrive titles and limit access to these added copies to only their patrons.

Here's how it works: Patrons browsing the Digital Download Center website will only see titles that are available to all members. For those patrons whose member libraries have added Advantage titles, access to those titles will occur only after the patron logs in with a library card number.

The Advantage plan actually does allow libraries to build a true custom collection; however, it is WPLC policy for libraries to limit their use of Advantage to only added copies. Not only is this limitation within the spirit of the DLTCL "same service" ruling but also minimizes the potential problems with shared databases and MARC records. This policy also confirms the continuing value of a WPLC Collection, shared statewide but supplemented at the local level for high-demand items.

Participating in Advantage 2.0 is at the individual library level and at individual library cost. OverDrive has an enrollment special for Advantage through Dec. 31st. For the remainder of the year, your library can receive $1,000 in collection credit for the $1,000 enrollment. You will also receive direct authentication, training, and access to Content Reserve for collection development for your Advantage collection.

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