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More Information About Receipt Printing and Koha

A few weeks ago I posted a TechBits about a thermal receipt printer we were testing for use with Koha.  This week, I’d like to give you some more details.  There will be two options for printing receipts in Koha.  The first SCLS-supported option will be to continue using your Epson impact (dot matrix) receipt printers with some adjustments to its configuration.  There is one exception to this and you can read about it in the next paragraph.  The second SCLS-supported option will be to order new, Star TSP100 futurePRINT thermal receipt printers.

For the Epson receipt printers to continue working with Koha, SCLS staff will need to install an Epson print driver.  This will be coordinated so that the installs are done prior to switching to Koha.  Epson programmed Windows drivers for the TM-U200pd and TM-U220pd models.  We have been able to print Koha receipts with these two models.  We still have a few TM-300pd printers at some libraries.  Most of these printers are over ten years old.  Epson did not program Windows drivers for these printers.  Although they work fine in Dynix with a Generic/Text Only driver, our testing shows that is not the case with Koha.  These printers will need to be replaced.  MR900056755  

It is also recommended that you purchase black receipt printer ribbons.  Combination red and black receipt printer ribbons were purchased in past coordinated orders.   These ribbons will work; however, the receipts look a little nicer with just the black ribbon.  The next SCLS coordinated order should have these ribbons included.

The second supported option will be the Star TSP100 futurePRINT thermal receipt printer.  The Star printer can be ordered with an auto cutter or a tear bar.  If you have an ITG Self Check that prints receipts, you are probably already familiar with the Star printer with auto cutter.  The last time I asked for pricing on the TSP100, I was quoted a price of $212 +shipping for the tear bar and $246 +shipping for the auto cutter.  Both come with a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.  The thermal receipt paper will also be included in the next coordinated order.

On Friday, I sent out an email requesting information about the current receipt printers at libraries.  If you respond that you still do have the Epson TM-U300pd printer(s), I will contact you about replacing them.  Next week, the peripherals order form will be updated to include the new Star thermal printers.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Specific to my library is the following scenarios: We have a Circ. desk workstation and a Cataloging/2nd Circ. desk workstation.
The Circ. desk workstation is connected to a TM-U200pd plus a HP Deskjet 5550. Will that configuration still work in KOHA?
Scenario 2 the cataloging/2nd circ. workstation is connected to the same HP Deskjet 5550, a TM-U220pd plus the current pick-list and label printer the Panasonic KX-P1150. In realizing I need to order the new DYMO LabelWriter 450 I am wondering if all of these printers (the new DYMO LabelWriter, the current TM-U220pd, the HP DESKJET 5550 plus whatever printer is chosen for printing
notices) will work together nicely on our cataloging/2nd circ. workstation? And the more simplistic question which printer will be printing off the pick list?
So I need help in determining the scenarios specific to my library which is set-up much differently then other libraries. Thank you for your assistance.

What will be the schedule for installing the Epson print drivers? Do we need to sign up? I have a TMU200-pd, so it should work, but I'm wondering when it will be made ready for Koha?



Both of those setups will work fine after we install Epson drivers and make some changes to the Firefox configuration. You'll be using your HP printer for "picklists."


Some of the setup might be automated. For the parts that can't be automated, we'll be calling around and remoting into PCs. You don't need to sign up.

Hi, i was searching for "compatible receipt printer with KOHA" and linked to your website. I just setup my library using Koha, may i asked if this receipt printer works? http://3egadgets.com/21-mini-thermal-receipt-printer.html

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