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10 things about Library Online

  1. Reserve_a_Computer Library Online is software used to manage time/bookings on public access computers.
  2. Library Online is programmed by Active Network.  The support for Library Online is based in Burnaby, British Columbia (which is why past upgrades have been scheduled for Memorial Day-- it's a holiday for us, but the Canadians are hard at work that day!)
  3. 36 SCLS libraries currently participate in Library Online.
  4. Most SCLS libraries allow advance reservations, but a few use it only for walk-up bookings.
  5. In addition to making reservations, Library Online can also be used to run reports and get usage counts... some of which can be used for a library's Annual Report.
  6. There are a few system-wide settings that are the same for all libraries, but MOST settings can be customized by each library to fit the library's needs.  ALL libraries choose their own workstation types, descriptions, and time limits (and many other settings).
  7. There is a Library Online email list for communication specific to Library Online. Any staff person at an SCLS library using Library Online is welcome to subscribe!
  8. Kerri  ♥loves♥ to answer your Library Online questions.
  9. There is Library Online documentation on the SCLS website, including:
  10. As non-LINK Library Online PCs come onto the SCLS network in 2011, we'll be able to take advantage of Library Online features that were unavailable to us in the past, like extending in-use bookings.  (Yay!)


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Yay! Extending in-use bookings! Wait, that means for everyone, right?

For everyone whose PCs are on the SCLS network... yup! (PCs need to be on the same network as the Library Online servers in order to use that feature. Right now, most Library Online PCs are on other networks... Charter, TDS, City, etc)

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