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USB Stick Testing

USB sticks.  They’re small, hold lots of data, last a good long time, come in a Bacon Usb Sticknumber of different
sizes and shapes (including bacon) and are relatively cheap unless you’re going for one of the really high capacity ones.  And, if you’re anything like me, they’ve seen a bit of unintentional abuse.  I’ve dropped mine repeatedly, had my cat use them for a toy,  lost one down the back of a bookcase for 6 months, accidently stepped on one and sent more than one through the washing machine.  And yet they continued to work.  (After drying out first.)  Unlike the floppy disks, CDs or DVDs, USB sticks put up with a lot more of the knocks of life and keep working. 

I’d seen USB sticks in sad shape that still worked and wondered just what it took to ruin one of them. Not wanting to actual ruin one of my own though, I’d left that as idle speculation.  So when I saw an article where they were going to torture test one of the “unbreakable” USB sticks I had to take a look.  And when they said torture test, they meant it.  While the “unbreakable” one is indeed impressive, I was rather impressed by just what their regular sticks put up with and still functioned.  All in all, they did a lot of far, far nastier things to a USB key than most people ever have happen to theirs and even the regular ones held up rather well.

To see the tests and just what it took to kill the USB drives, check out the original story at Tom’s Hardware.  Oh, and don’t try these at home, especially if you need that USB stick. 


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Just wanted to apologize for not checking to make sure you could go to the original story in Internet Explorer. The web page for the original story currently doesn't work in IE for a number of library PCs. You'll need to use Firefox to view it. I'll make sure I check any sites in the future!

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