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Thermal Receipt Printers

TSP100 Once we have switched from Dynix to Koha, we will be able to support thermal, USB receipt printers.  The thermal printers will be much quieter, quicker and have a cleaner printout than the current Epson impact printers we use now.  The Epson printers will still be supported, so there is no need to replace them right away. 

Preliminary tests show that the Star TSP100 futurePRINT receipt printer works great with Koha.  The ITG self checks use the same model, so there won't be a need to order different supplies for different models.  Once it is finalized that this is the thermal model we are supporting, I will send out more information and update the order form.  If you're wondering about pricing, the test model I purchased was $268.  I'm really hoping the price stays pretty consistent.  Let me know if you have any questions.


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