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Sharing the TechBits love

Heart Keeping up with technology is tough. Everything changes incredibly quickly! (Remember when you couldn't fit a cell phone in your pocket? and library holdings were typewritten on index cards in your card catalog?)

If you've found the topics covered in TechBits to be interesting or helpful, please share TechBits with a coworker who isn't already subscribed. TechBits can be subscribed to:

  • using an RSS reader (like Google Reader, for example). Jean held a "Brain Snack" about blogs and RSS readers back in 2009-- the recording is archived here.
  • by signing up to receive TechBits via email.  If you opt for email, please keep in mind that
    • you may need to click through to the actual post to view some content (like the embedded video Dan used in his post about changing screen resolution in preparation for Koha)
    • if you want to leave a comment, you must click through to the actual blog post (replying to the email you received sends a response to an administrative account, not out to the other TechBits subscribers)

We've set up a handy-dandy shorter (and easier-to-remember) URL, too:  http://www.scls.info/techbits.

We love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions for topics.  Please keep 'em coming, and many thanks for joining us here on TechBits!!


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BTW- I love TechBits. I learn something every time!

Thanks, Trish---That's always nice to hear! :)

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