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Excel 2007: Three of my favorite things

After converting to Office 2007, I needed to relearn how to do three of my favorite Excel tweaks:

  1. Include lines in print outs
  2. Include column headers on all pages
  3. Shrink the view size of the worksheet so that more can be viewed


If any of these catch your fancy, here’s how to make ‘em happen.

1. Include lines in print outs:

  • Click on the Page Layout tab
  • In the Gridlines section, place a check in the Print box.
  • You can verify that the lines are now there by doing a Print Preview.

2. Include column headers on all pages:

It can be useful to have column headers on all pages of a spreadsheet but Excel doesn’t do this by default.    Before going into the actual process, let’s pretend that you have a really long spreadsheet and you want the column headers that are defined in row 4 (columns ‘a’ through ‘g’) to be repeated on each page. 


  • Click on the Page Layout tab
  • Click the Print Titles icon in the Page Setup section
  • Click on the Sheet tab
  • Type in the range of column headers that you want repeated on each page in the Rows to repeat at top: field.  In this example, you’d type in “a4:g4” (omitting the quotes).
  • Click the OK button
  • You can verify your work by doing a Print Preview and pressing the Page Down key on your keyboard.  Each page of the spreadsheet should now have column headers.

3. Shrink the view size of the worksheet so that more can be viewed:

Sometimes it’s easier to think about data if you can see all or more of it at once.  One way to do this is to shrink the view size of the worksheet. 

  • Click on the View tab
  • In the Zoom section, click on the Zoom icon
  • Click the radio button of the percentage that you want or you can type in a custom number in the Custom field.
  • Click OK

What’s one of your favorite Excel tweaks?


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have some financial data in Excel 2007 and I highlight certain cells (using the "fill" command), not based on the value, but other factors that only I would recognize. I want to make a function in another cell that will either return the sum of all highlighted cells within the specified column, or more specifically "return the sum of all cells in the range that are NOT highlighted blue" for example.

I just moved from 2007 to 2010 and am having real issues with the behavior when I click on the "file" menu. Unlike every other tab in the ribbon, clicking on file brings up a page that obscures the entire window. Jarring and a little confusing although the escape key is the "savior" (taking you back to the active worksheet).

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