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5 Reasons you should be using Dropbox.


There are several online storage and synchronization tools out there but I find Dropbox to be the simplest to understand and the one with the most useful features.  Here are 5 reasons you should check out Dropbox:

1) Dropbox easily syncs with all your computers:  Mac, PC and/or Linux

One of the nicest features of Dropbox is its ability to connect you to your files--regardless of operating system.  For example, you could be a PC user at work and a Mac user at home but still use Dropbox on each machine.

2) There's an app for that!

If you're an iPhone or Droid smart phone user, you know that neither one handles Google Documents well, but can pretty much open any Microsoft Office files like Word Docs and Excel spreadsheets.  I keep a lot of reference files in Google docs but can't really access them from my phone.  With Dropbox, however, it's easy.  There is an app both for the iPhone/iPad and the Android OS.  Once your phone is connected to your Dropbox account, you can easily access your files anywhere.

3) Public URLs are a snap to create

 Within Dropbox, there's a folder called "Public" and anything dropped into this folder automatically has a public URL attached--meaning anyone (even your friends who don't use Dropbox) can access the file.

4) Photo sharing is super simple

If you're like me, you have friends and family with whom you swap photos.  Dropbox makes it easy to share photos by automatically creating a gallery URL for any folder of photos you put in the "Photos" folder.  Again, sharing is simple with everyone, Dropbox user or not!

5) You can share big, big files!

Occasionally, I have the need to share a file too large to e-mail, and since I don't have an online presence (like a web site) it becomes difficult to distribute the file.  With Dropbox, that's no problem.  Simply move the file to a shared or public folder and then choose the folks with whom you're sharing.


If you're a Dropbox fan, let us know (in the comments below) of any interesting ways you're using Dropbox!


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