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STOP - Typing the www. and .com parts of the web address

Here's another quick tip that I love: control + enter automatically adds the www. and .com to anything you type in the address bar.

When I do this keyboard combination I use my left pinky to hit the left control key and my right pinky to hit the enter key.  Just to be clear; When I say the "Enter" key I mean the enter/return key next to the Quotation Mark/Apostrophe Key.  NOT the enter key on the number pad.

  1. In the address bar of your browser type: yahoo
  2. Hit the Control Key and the Enter Key
  3. You are now at www.yahoo.com

This works in IE, Firefox and Chrome.  However this does not work for .net, .info, etc web addresses.


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If you hit "Shift + Enter", you'll get a .net address.

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