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More Free Online Photo Editing

A while back I wrote about photoshop.com a free online photo editing site. It is still a good site, but I have found a few that I think are better and certainly easier to use. I will start with my favorite.

Foto Flexer
is very easy to use, no sign-up required and has a lot of tools. Most of the common ed Foto Flexer, I used the GeeK tab and Smart Scissors on this image. its people want are pre-programmed and with the click of a button the effect has been added. 

Phixr photo Phixr is also very easy to use, no sign-up required and it too has a lot of tools. It has mostly the same effects Foto Flexer does plus some different ones.

Pixer.us is easy to use, no sign-up required and has some neat tools. It also has a nifty resize tool. Not as easy as the way Kerri mentioned in her post about resizing photos with Paint.

All three of these sites have a lot in common as far as the basic photo editing is concerned, but they also offer some fun effects that differ from one another, you can easily add to your photos to make them pop.

If you’re looking for a higher powered Photoshop-like experience then you might want to check out Aviary. We had a guest post on this last year. Aviary also doesn't require you sign-up but it is geared for more advanced users, so if you’re a novice at photo editing you may want to start with one of the first three sites I mentioned.


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