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A simple photo resize in Paint

Stretch-skew I have a confession to make:  I use Microsoft Paint to do simple photo manipulation (resize pictures, add circles & text, and save pictures as a different format).

I use the "resize" feature most frequently.  Here's how (click on the photos at the right for larger versions):

  • Percent Open a photo in Paint
  • Image -> Stretch/Skew
  • Enter the percent you'd like to shrink (or grow) the picture
  • Click OK


Smaller I know there are lots of different programs out there for resizing photos (some can even do big batches at a time).   I find myself using Paint most of the time because it's available on any Windows PC.  (And here's something to look forward to---the version of Paint that comes with Windows 7 has some additional features like shapes, arrows, and word & thought bubbles!)


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Great post! Paint is perfect for the simple stuff, and it never bogs down my computer. :)

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