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Turning data on end in Excel

Sometimes I have data that isn't oriented the way I'd like it in Excel (like a column that I wish was a row or a table I wish was turned on end). How can I change its orientation?

Here's a real-life example that I run into every week.

  • There is a script that results in 5 lines of numbers Numbers
  • When I paste it into Excel, it ends up as 5 cells in a *column*, but I'd like it in a row instead

What can I do to easily put the column data into a row?

  • Copy the data from the cells
  • Select the beginning cell of the row where I'd really like it
  • Right-click and select "Paste Special..."
  • Check the box for "Transpose"   PasteSpecialTranspose
  • Click "OK" to paste the data
  • Voila!  the column data is now row data NowRow

This "Transpose" action can be done on entire tables as well as columns and rows. See here for more information. 

Thanks to Pat who originally showed me this nifty trick!


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