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Changing your SCLS Email Address


Recently there was someone who wanted a different SCLS email address but thought they were permanently stuck with the old one.  Actually, they’re not and neither are you. 

If your name changes or you are one of the people using a shortened version of your name from earlier account name limits, you can request an email account name change.  Now if your first thought was “what a great way to get rid of my junk mail”, know that this won’t fix any junk mail problem you might be having.  In fact, we forward everything addressed to your old account to your new one so changing your email account isn’t going to help at all. 
  1. Go to the “Request an E-mail Name, Title or Library Change” form at http://app.formassembly.com/forms/view/2805 (Yes, it’s a long name, but the form is used for other related changes as well.)
  2. Fill out the sections on “What is your old SCLS email address?” and “What would you like your new email address to be?”. 
  3. If your name changed, also fill in the "If you want to change the display name..." section to let us know how your name should appear in the email directory.
  4. Enter your name in the last field and submit the form.
  5. To make sure no email is accidentally lost, we’ll contact you to set up a time to do the switch.  
  6. Once the switch is made, a few settings in Thunderbird have to be updated and you should let people you deal with know your new address.  You should also update your email list subscriptions.  That’s all there is to it!
For more SCLS email options see the Email and Email List Services page at http://www.scls.info/technology/email/


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