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Open a new tab in IE, Firefox or Chrome with a single click

It wasn't long ago when tabbed browsing didn't even exist. How did we ever live without it?

As good as tabbed browsing is, one thing has always bothered me is that it's not easy to open a link in a new tab. Lets say you are on yahoo.com and you see a few interesting news stories. You want to stay on yahoo and open the links to the stories in a new tabs, what do you do?  In the past I would hover over the link, right click it, and choose "Open Link in New Tab". That's a lot of steps!

MidmouseBy now, almost all mice have a scroll wheel between the left and right click buttons. (If you don't have a scroll mouse, it's time to update.) Did you know that the scroll wheel is also a button? Instead of scrolling you can push down on the wheel and it becomes "the middle mouse button."

When you hover over a link press the middle mouse button and it will open the link in a new tab! No more right clicking at all!  Just BOOM a new tab!!  This works in IE, Firefox, and Chrome.


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Ok, I enjoy trying all the little hints, but this one is way cool. Who knew??

This is great! For mice w/o the scroll wheel, you can also use Ctrl-click to open in a new tab while staying in your current tab.


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