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Firefox Smart Folders

The default Firefox install includes a Most Visited folder that is accessed from the Bookmarks toolbar.  This folder stores a list of the pages you have visited most often.  Another folder, called Recently Bookmarked, can be accessed from the Bookmarks menu.  As you can guess, this folder stores a list of the sites you’ve bookmarked most recently.  These two folders update themselves automatically,MP900438543 so they are known as smart folders.

Smart folders are easy to create, and they make searching for a bookmark much easier.  Just recently, I created a smart folder that includes all my bookmarks with Windows 7 in the title or URL.  This is how it's done:

1.    Open the Bookmarks menu
2.    Select Organize Bookmarks
3.    In the Library window, click inside the Search Bookmarks box 
4.    Enter Windows 7 (or other search criteria)
5.    Click the Save button
6.    Give the smart folder an appropriate name, I entered Windows 7 for mine
7.    Click OK

Once the new smart folder is created, it can be accessed from the Bookmarks menu.  Any site that I bookmark containing the phrase Windows 7 in the title or URL will also show up in the smart folder.  If I don't see Windows 7 in the title or URL, I simply add a Windows 7 tag when bookmarking the site.


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I didn't know about this Firefox feature-- it is super-cool! Anything that can be set up to "automatically" organize me is always a help!

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