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Ask the audience

Hmmm...how do I choose? Your library needs a product to do XYZ type of task. How do you determine what product you should select?

  • Sometimes SCLS already has a product selected that can do the job (ex. TypePad for blogs)
  • Sometimes SCLS staff have experience or can give a recommendation  (ex. "I haven't used it myself, but HappyFunProduct is getting some really great reviews...")
  • And sometimes your best bet is to ask your fellow SCLS and Wisconsin libraries to see what they're using, what works and what doesn't, and what they'd recommend. 

Ask The Audience  Ask the audience

A great way to poll other libraries is to send an email to one of these lists (you must be subscribed to do so):


  • scls-discuss - An open list for group discussion in the SCLS library community
  • wispublib - The Wisconsin Public Library Email List

An email to scls-discuss will (hopefully) get you feedback and opinions from staff at other SCLS libraries. An email to wispublib will extend this out to all Wisconsin public libraries.

Tell The WorldTell the world 

On the flip side of this--- if your library has a discovered a great product or service, please share this info with other libraries!  Send an email, mention it to SCLS staff, talk about it in your clusters, or bring it to the Administrative Council, Tech Committee, or ILS Committee. Let's share our tech (and non-tech) knowledge so everyone benefits!


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