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The QR Code Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weeks ago, Kerri wrote about the emergence of QR Codes in libraries.

Coincidentally, I talked about QR codes during the gadget presentations Jean Anderson and I did at WAPL and at the WISCNET Future Technologies Conference.  During this section of the presentation, I showed a variety of ways libraries could incorporate QR Codes into their physical and virtual library using the framework of a Scavenger hunt aimed at Young Adult patrons.  Feel free to use any and all of the ideas here in your own library!

(By the way, all codes generated were from the Zxing Project generator.)

The Great QR Code Scavenger Hunt!

  1. As the teens gather at the library, groups are formed, making sure each group has one or more smart phones with a barcode reader app installed.
    After a brief tutorial on QR Codes and how to use them, the teams are told to search the library for a QR Code hidden on a shelf.
  2. It's found!  The team scans the QR code, which reveals a...
  3. Geo Coordinate on a map.  The location is outside the library down the street at a local bank.  When the team arrives at the bank, there's a QR Code taped to the door.  Scanning it reveals a
  4. Phone number and name.  The team can automatically make the phone call on their smart phone.  At the other end is a reference librarian who tells them to leave the bank and head back to the library book drop.  There, they find a Code which gives them a...
  5. Calendar event.  After adding the Event to their phone's calendar, they see that they need to check in with the Circulation desk.  At the desk, a library staff member hands them a Friends of the Library bookmark with a QR Code attached.  A quick scan takes them to...
  6. A Deep link into the library online catalog.  Quickly, the team runs to the appropriate shelf, grabs the book (which, naturally, has a QR Code on the back dustcover) and scans the code.  One last scan sends a...
  7. SMS Text Message to another smart phone. Right away, they receive a text back, telling the group to head downstairs to the Community room where glory, prizes and refreshments await!

Let us know if you've incorporated QR Codes at all in your library!


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