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Farewell to Phyllis (Thanks for making the SCLS Network a reality)

ReToday is the last day that Phyllis is our SCLS director. You know what that means...PARTY. Actually the party starts in about an hour. The SCLS staff got together today over lunch time to toast her and wish her the very best. She will be missed. Phyllis has done great things for SCLS. With Stef's help, they created an entirely new governance structure that will inevitability allow us to better serve our libraries.

One specific area that I'm excited about is the combination of what was LINK and non-LINK. In the near future you will have a one stop shop for all your technology needs. No more -Who do I call about this?-  Part of this is made possible by the upcoming SCLS "Super" Network. Thanks to the broadband grant, internet speed at almost all SCLS libraries will get a HUGE increase! Now there aren't a lot of details about this new structure but you need to know two things. (ok, more than two things)

This is going to be AWESOME

  • The LINK and non-LINK divide will disappear and all SCLS staff will support all pc's (with a few guidelines)
  • You will have access to new resources that were previously unavailable due to internet speed restrictions.
  • You will retain all current computer functionality and gain additional options.

We don't have many details so sit tight

  • We will do our very best to keep you in the loop about all this.
  • Make sure to read the Top 5 email!
  • If you have questions call, email, or snail mail and ask us!
  • There aren't pricing numbers for this new structure but rest assured that we are working very hard to come up with an affordable and easy way that you will be charged for our tech services


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