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Identifying Firefox and Internet Explorer in the Wild

Each web browser has a few distinctive markers that help identify it at a glance while you're using it (in addition to the functional differences*). Here are some visual clues to tell which is which:

Logos: You'll see the logos for Firefox and Internet Explorer in many places. Firefox uses a fox in its logo; Internet Explorer uses the letter "e."

Firefox logo icon   Internet Explorer icon

Top of the browser window: Each browser's logo and name appear in the blue bar at the top of the window:

Screenshot of blue bar showing Firefox logo and name

Screenshot of blue bar showing Internet Explorer logo and name

Bottom of the screen, in the Taskbar: Each browser's logo will be visible in the Taskbar, too:

Screenshot of Firefox and Internet Explorer in the Taskbar

Browser Help menu: If there is any doubt, check the browser's Help menu. Choosing the "About" option in each browser will tell you its version number as well.

Screenshot of the Firefox Help menu

Screenshot of the Internet Explorer Help menu

* If Firefox and Internet Explorer were cars, this visual guide would compare hood ornaments and headlight shapes. To learn about "under the hood" differences, it's best to learn about some of the functional differences and take a test drive!


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