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Google wave

What is Google Wave?

The short video below (1:39) is Google's overview of Google Wave (and who can explain it better than the people who created it?)

Those with more time might want to check out this slightly longer video from the Google Wave team which includes demos of creating and contributing to a wave, adding gadgets, embedding a wave on a blog, the playback feature for waves, and adding "robots" (which allow interaction with services like Twitter and translation capabilities). And if you really want to dive in, here are ALL of Google's videos related to Google Wave.

What do you need to get started?

Previously, Google Wave was available by invitation only.  Well--- good news!  It's now open to anyone with a Google (Gmail, Google Apps, etc) account at http://wave.google.com/.

Experience with Google Wave

Personally, I thought it was a neat idea, but most of the folks I know weren't on Google Wave so my experimenting involved a conversation with only one other person (not really giving a true picture of the "collaboration" possibilities). Now that Google Wave is open to everyone, it should be much easier to scare up collaborators to put it through its paces.

Have you tried Google Wave already? What did you think? How might libraries use Google Wave?


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