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Jacob or Edward? Drinking fountain or "bubbler"?

Sometimes, you want to engage the kids and have them weigh in on vampires and vote for Jacob or Edward. Other times, you may want an opinion about whether to provide a service at your library. Silly or serious, it's nice to be able to take a quick poll.

I ran across a site today (via a Swiss Army Librarian blog post) for creating "micro polls" -- www.micropoll.com. It does require signing up for an account (you need only provide an email address and set a password), but basic polls are free and simple to create. You can create a poll and link to it, or use the provided code to embed the poll right in your webpage or blog. There are even options to customize the colors, result charts, and voting options.

Here's a sample (embedded) micropoll so you can see what they look like (those viewing in email or feed readers may need to click through to the blog post to see the poll).


There are probably lots of services out there to do something similar -- do you have any favorites?


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