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More Lies: Email Lies

Recently there’s been another rash of the emails claiming to be from SCLS saying your email settings have changed or your account has been suspended and you need to click on this link or open the attached document.  It’s a lie.  The email is another variant on the scam emails that try to trick you into clicking on the link or document and then install a virus on your system and/or get you to give them account numbers and other personal information. 

So how can you tell if an email is a fake? For SCLS at least, it’s highly doubtful we’ll ever send any “click here to fix your account” emails, if for no other reason that scammers use that tactic.  (Not to mention if your account is broken or suspended as the fake email claims, how are you supposed to get the email telling you how to fix it?) 

Any email claiming to be from SCLS that tells you there's a problem with your account or email address that wants you to “click here to install” or “open the attached document” to fix the problem should be considered to most likely be a scam. Especially if Thunderbird marks that email as spam or thinks it's a scam. 

I’ll be adding another post with more clues to tell whether an email is a scam.  In general, if you ever can’t tell if an email is a scam or not please call the Help Desk before trying any links/attachments.  While antivirus software may protect you if it is a virus, it’s not going to all of the time.  It’s far better to call and ask first than try it and end up dealing with the aftermath. 

Example of a fake email with notes on the clues in red (click on the picture for a full sized version):

Scam email example


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