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Email accounts: What to do if you're changing libraries

The question of what to do about your email account if you're leaving one library to work at another came  up recently and the person thought they’d need to go through the hassle of deleting their old account and getting a new one.  That’s actually not the case. 

If you have an email address through SCLS (ends with @scls.lib.wi.us) and are moving to a different SCLS library there's no need to fill out the email deletion form and then fill out a request form from the new library.  Just let us know which library you are moving to by filling out the Request an Email Name, Title or Library Change form.  We will update the library your address is listed under on the SCLS Email Address Directory (password required) and you can keep your current email account name and password. 

In addition, we may even be able to transfer your entire Thunderbird account to the new library.  If your email is currently on a LINK network PC and it will be on a LINK network PC at the new library we can transfer your email to the new library.  This way not only can you keep any emails you’ve saved and any email filters you’ve set up, you don’t even have to set up your email account again at the new library.     

Links to the above forms and other SCLS email information can be found on the SCLS Email and Email List Services page.


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