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Searching TechBits

I read something on TechBits a while ago, and I'm interested in reading it again. How can I find it?

The TechBits blog (and its "Wicked Cool" predecessor) can be searched!

  • Search by category. If the post was about something that falls into a specific category, you might choose to select the category in the right-hand column and scroll through the resulting posts (this works best for posts that were done in the last few months; it's less convenient for finding posts from *years* ago). Example: Rose wrote a post about finding help with downloadable audiobooks (OverDrive). I selected "OverDrive" from the list of categories on the right and it was about the 7th post listed in the results.

  • Search using the search box. You may also search TechBits by entering search terms. Example: I couldn't remember the name of the Firefox extension for doing screen captures. I entered the search terms "firefox", "extension", and "capture" and voilá---Search TechBitsLinda's guest post about aviary.com was among the results!

Photovisi - Collage Photo Effects

One of the many collages I created over the weekend. Isn't my kitty "Hodge" the cutest little thing! If you wanted something fun to do with your digital photos check out this sitePhotovisi is a new website that allows you to create free online photo collages.

Photovisi is easy to use and requires no registration. Some of the features include the ability to upload photos from your PC or Flickr. They have 18 different templates to choose from. You can also add a background color or photo. You have the ability to rearrange, crop, delete, or replace photos as you see fit.

I found the site a bit addicting and created 5 collages over the weekend.