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Here Comes Office 2010 including an online version!

When it comMicrosoftoffice2010es to technology, things are always changing. In case you haven't heard, Office 2010 will be released in May/June of this year. I know what some of you are thinking..."Another Office version? I'm barely used to Office 2007!" As most of you know Office 2007 changed a lot of things. It added the "ribbon" interface, it introduced the .docx format which made opening documents a pain, and it added the Office button.

Office 2010 is a little different than 2007 but it will be easier to learn...if you are comfortable with the ribbon interface. The one good thing is that they did bring back the "File" menu and got rid of the Office button! There is an online feature called Microsoft Web Apps that might make moving documents back and forth much easier. Here Microsoft's top 10 benefits of Office 2010. A free beta version is available for download. It will allow you to play with the new features and enhancements. To get the beta version go here.

Ready or not your patrons will be coming in with 2010 documents and for the most part they will work on your current computers. Just be ready for some questions!! When Office 2010 is released you can find plenty of online help all over the web. Just Google it!


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Oh, this is very nice. I like it!

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