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Turn the world on its ear

Well, OK, maybe that's too ambitious a topic for a TechBits article. But what if you could make your little piece of the world better just by turning your mouse on its ear?

Vertmouse A few months ago, I started using what's called a "vertical mouse". It's a surprisingly simple ergonomic adjustment; take your standard mouse buttons and reorient things so that the palm of your hand is perpendicular to the desk instead of parallel. Simple, but ingenious.

The result is a much more natural grip and considerable reduction of tension in the wrist, forearm and shoulder. Earlier this week, SCLS had an ergonomics consultant give a little presentation. He concurred that traditional mouse design is problematic and gave the vertical design a big thumbs up.

These kinds of mice first came into the market almost a decade ago. Now that I've got one I am surprised that they haven't caught on more and I am dismayed that I waited so long to try it. Issues that I had been having in recent years with soreness in the wrist, numbness in the fingers and seriously painful muscle knots in the forearm and shoulder are simply gone, gone, gone. My only problem now is that the buttons on the model I have (made by Evoluent) feel a bit too squishy to me, but I am getting used to it.


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Hi Greg,
Did you find an outlet besides the manufacturer, ie, a price below $80?
Can SCLS purchase in bulk? My frequently numb right hand would love to try this.

Mary, SCLS can get the current Evoluent model through our Dell contract for slightly cheaper (~ $73). There are competitors too, but of course none of the options are as cheap as a standard mouse. Vicki has a 3M vertical mouse that is shaped more like a joystick, it costs ~ $45. I don't see any bulk discounts unless we look at kits that include additional pads, keyboards, etc. and that's only for orders of 25 units.

Mary, one of our vendors has the VM3R2-RSB model selling for $58.18 with free shipping.

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