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Thanks for taking the survey!


The results are in... 
  • Click on the image to the right to see full-size graphs and details.
  • Comments and full survey results can be found here.

The graphs on the right are from "Summary of Responses" view of the of the form responses. The full survey results are in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

This was my first time using Google Docs & Forms for a survey, and all-in-all it was a pretty slick way to gather feedback! I did run into a few snags (mainly because I really loved those graphs from the "summary" view), and they were:

  • test responses can be removed from the spreadsheet but will still appear in the "summary of responses" view
  • it isn't possible to link directly to a "summary of responses" view (hence my image on the right)
  • and "summary of responses" view is only available to folks with "edit" permission on the spreadsheet

Thanks to everyone who filled out a survey about TechBits! We appreciate the feedback and look forward to tackling the topics that were suggested.


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I thought it was so interesting that the way you did the 1-5 in that your perfect number would be a 3. I think that is kinda unusual... but I liked it.

I must have been in Goldilocks mode :) (too much this, too much that, JUST RIGHT!)

Out of curiosity, what would you have asked and how would you have done the scales? I'm always interested in other ways of thinking about things...

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