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Fix bad info about your library in Google Maps!

Fix this address

Have you looked for your library in Google Maps lately? Try it, right now. Look carefully at the results... Is all the library's information correct?

If you find something in Google Maps that needs to be fixed, you can correct it. All you need is a free Google Account.

How to fix an error on Google Maps

If it makes you nervous to know that anyone with a Google Account can randomly edit your library's Google Map data, library personnel may want to "claim" the library's map listing through the Google Local Business Center.

Getting started with Google Local Business Center

Claiming a listing with the Google Local Business Center gives you exclusive editing control over the information Google Maps shows for the library. Google will guide you through a process to verify your listing (either through a phone call or a postcard delivered to you).

Tip: Once you claim a listing, it cannot be transferred to a new Google Account (it has to be recreated from scratch), so it is best to sign up with the Local Business Center with an account created specifically for library use.

So don't confuse your patrons (or potential future patrons) with bad information in Google Maps. Take control of your library's map information and make sure it's accurate!


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