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Backing up to a USB device

Backing up your data is very important. It is something you should do on a frequent basis because you never know when your hard drive might crash. It's also important for you to backup your own files as only you know which ones are important. With the advent of low cost USB Flash drives it's never been easier or cheaper to backup your data. I'll even outline the steps to do it so you'll be all set to do your backups.

1. Insert USB Flash Drive into one of the USB ports of your PC and wait for it to be installed.

2. Double-click the My Computer icon that is found on your Window's desktop.

3. In the My Computer window, right-click on the icon for your USB Flash Drive .

4. From the menu that appears, click Properties. The Properties window that opens will display the used space, free space, and the total capacity of the USB Flash drive.

5. Make note of the amount of free space on your USB Flash drive.

6. Create a new directory on your USB Flash drive with a name of "backup" and also include today's date in the name.

7. Navigate to where the files are that you want to back up, hopefully they are all in the same directory.

8. Right-click on the directory that you plan to back up and select "Properties" to determine how much space the files in the directory take up.

9. Compare this with the results you got in step 5.

10. If there is enough room on your USB Flash drive then right-click on the directory

11. Click the Copy option.

12. Go to the directory you created on your USB Flash drive in step 6.

13. Go into that directory and then right-click.

14. Click the Paste option and your files should start appearing in this directory.

If you're not sure what files to backup then take a look at our recommendations.

Thanks go out to Peggy and Mary from Sauk City for the suggestion to write on this topic.


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