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Downloading Online Videos

Intro: Hi everyone, I'm Jon Mark Bolthouse, the new guy here at South Central.  My title is Technology Projects Manager, which means I'm lucky enough to spend my time learning about new and exciting library technologies each and every day.

When I'm not hanging out here at the Biltmore Lane headquarters, I can be found at my home in Fond du Lac, listening to and performing music, spending time with my family, and goofing off with electronic projects.  Recently, I built an HDTV antenna out of a piece of wood and four coat hangers.  We now receive 10 HD Digital TV channels, 9 more than before  (the plans to build one for yourself can be found here).

I don't have to tell you what an amazing phenomenon online videos have become.  From Associated Press news reports to a  20 year old Bob Seger performing on television in Windsor, Ontario--or just cats riding around on a Roomba, there are videos of practically anything you can imagine.

But quite often you'd like to save a video for viewing at a later date. 
Here are three tools to help you do just that:

Keep Vid  (http://keepvid.com/)

Keep Vid is an free online download and conversion site that will take the URL for a video and download it to your desktop, converting the video to either Flash Video or MP4 (for use on a mobile device like an iPod. One of the nice features of KeepVid is that it's not limited to YouTube.  It works with almost all of the popular online video sharing websites.

1-Click YouTube Video Download  (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/13990)

1-Click YouTube Video Download is a Firefox extension that, after installing, adds a special link to each YouTube Video page:
Clicking on the link will download a copy of the video to your desktop in one of three popular formats.

Orbit Downloader (http://www.orbitdownloader.com/)

Orbit Downloader is a standalone software application, making it a better application to use on your home computer rather than an SCLS PC.  I would recommend using the previous two applications before trying out Orbit.

Orbit can queue up multiple downloads from multiple sites, as well as perform batch conversions on your videos--very helpful if you get a new piece of equipment that doesn't support a certain format.


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