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What version is it?

WinSTARTOften when you are troubleshooting a problem, it is helpful to know what version of something you are running. Where can you find this information?

What version of Windows?

  • Click on the Start button in the lower left. The menu that pops up should list the version of Windows up the side.
  • OR... Right-click My Computer and choose Properties. The version of Windows should be listed under System
  • OR... Click on Start->Run. Type "winver" in the box. The box that pops up should display the version.

What browser and version?

  • Your browser name is often displayed in the bar at the top of the window.


  • Browser version information is often found in the Help menu under "About..."

What version of other programs?

  • Many programs list version information in the Help menu under "About..."

What version of Flash and Shockwave?


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Another way to check your Flash/Shockwave versions (as well as other browser plugins) is to open Firefox and enter "about:plugins" into the address bar. The different vendors seem to have different ways of indicating plugin versions levels, but the info is usually in there somewhere.

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