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So many passwords...so little time

A few years ago I tried to logon to an old email account that I hadn't used for a long time. Guess what?  I forgot the password. So I tried every password I could remember. After about 10 tries I got locked out of the account. I hate the feeling of helpless and knowing it's totally my fault. It was time for a password manager. A password manager organizes all your passwords but it also can logon to anything with one mouse click. No more typing usernames and passwords!!! 

Password managers can be web based or installed on your pc. The web based option is great if you use multiple pc's but I am still cautious about storing all that info on the web. The password manager that gets installed on your pc is great if you only use one pc. The downside is that it doesn't follow you to other pc's (unless you purchase multiple copies of the software)

If you want to give the web based option a try, I recommend Passpack it's free but also has paid options. For the one that gets installed on your pc you have to use Roboform. This is free for up to 10 passwords and after that you can purchase the full version. This is what I use and I'll never go back.


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I haven't used Roboform but I have had success with Keepass and Dropbox as described in the Lifehacker article http://lifehacker.com/5063176/how-to-use-dropbox-as-the-ultimate-password-syncer.


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