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Reboot is your best friend

Every PC needs a little help now and then, especially if it's on all the time. This is caused by the fact that as we open and close applications, sometimes they don't shut down completely or release the system resources they were using when they were running. So what you'll see is Anzio won't start up when you try to start it or it'll give you a Run Time error.  Other problems that can come up are your printer doesn't print correctly, your PC is running slow, your USB device won't load or the worst of all is that you get the dreaded "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH." Check out the Top Ten Blue Screen of Death In Public Places.

So now the question is how do you fix these problems.  Well, the best thing to try is to reboot your PC.  A cautionary note though, is that you need to reboot your PC the correct way; otherwise, you could cause some serious problems.  First though let me explain the two types of reboots:

1) Soft reboot - this is done through the Start Menu's Shutdown option where you choose "Restart".

2) Hard reboot - this is done through the PC's power button that you hold in until your monitor turns off (usually in 5-10 seconds).

Now on to the steps to properly rebooting your PC:

1) Save all of your work and close all open programs.

2) Do a soft reboot.

3) If that doesn't work, do a hard reboot.  You should let the hard drive and fans cool down for at least a minute before you turn the computer back on.

Hopefully, after rebooting your problem will be solved.  I found on the Internet where it said that rebooting a PC fixes 80% of all your PC problems.  If you're in that unlucky 20% area and still have a problem, then feel free to call me.


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Sometimes not even a hard reboot is enough, especially if the root problem is electrical (like problems from static, brownout, spikes and thunderstorms). As a last resort you can power down the PC, unplug the power cord, wait thirty seconds and then plug it back in. This will discharge the capacitors on internal components, and could save the day.

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