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Easy data recovery

You might think "What does this have to do with anything?" It's a picture I took and purposefully deleted from my flash drive and restored with Data Recovery 2.3.1. Have you ever mistakenly deleted photos from your camera or files from your USB flash drive and thought, “Shucks, I shouldn’t have done that, now they are gone forever!”  This is not necessarily true. Data Recovery 2.3.1 might be the answer for you. This small downloadable application can run from your computer without installing software on your PC. 

I don’t normally delete files from my camera without making a back-up first, but in the instance that I do I wanted to have something on hand that could recover the pictures for me.  I tested Data Recovery 2.3.1 to see what files it would recover. I was able to get pictures and videos deleted from my camera and mp3s from my flash drive.

Data Recovery is free and easy to use, click on the drive you want to scan for lost data and it scans it for you and presents you with a list of files, select the ones you want back, click recover and browse to where you want to put the file.


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I love the caption that appears when I hover over the photo. That was exactly what I was thinking!

you can use the mini toll that is safe secure, user-friendly and free it will quite helpful in instant and easy data recovery.

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