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Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine

Wolfram|Alpha was recently voted the top new innovation in the world of computing for 2009 by Popular Science.  It's different than a search engine because it generates answers instead of a list of sites that may have the answer.  You enter a question or calculation and Wolfram|Alpha uses over 50,000 types of algorithms to present information using text, graphs, tables, charts and maps.

By entering "sodium Diet Coke," Wolfram|Alpha was able to tell me there are 35mg of sodium in a 12-oz can of Diet Coke.  I was able to confirm this by looking at the can on my desk.

By entering "GDP Liberia," I was given the GDP of Liberia and historical data of its GDP.

Wolfram|Alpha can handle some more complicated questions as well.  For instance, when I entered "weather Honolulu when Barack Obama was born," I was told the average temperature, humidity and wind speed in Honolulu on August 4th, 1961.

The site will get confused on some of the questions and calculations you enter.  It is a work in progress that will only get smarter as time passes.  I recommend watching the instructional screencast for tips on how to use the site.


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