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How to define a function key in Anzio

If you find yourself entering the same keystrokes over and over in Dynix, you may want to define some function keys. A single function key can replace a long, complicated series of keystrokes for you.

A lot of libraries use a function key to log in to Dynix. This can save a lot of time and headaches, but this can cause a problem if the function keys definition file gets corrupted or your password changes. If new employees only know how to log into Dynix with a function key, they will have trouble logging in without it. Also, if you define a function key wrong it could cause havoc to your Dynix session. I’ve had some calls where people have somehow redefined a normal key to be something else and now they can’t get their work done in Anzio. You also have to be careful when choosing a key to define. Make sure you do not define Alt-F4 as this key combination closes whatever program you are currently in. The F1-F4, F7-F9 keys should not be defined on PCs that use Acquisitions. These keys all correspond to certain functions in the Acquisitions module.

For the complete instructions, please see the Automation Troubleshooting page. Please feel free to share some of the other key sequences you define at your library to help save time.  Please don't share your login information though.


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