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Get a taste of the mobile web, without the mobile phone

Cellphonegirl Right now the vast majority of library website traffic comes from regular computers using Internet Explorer,  Firefox, Safari or Chrome. That's not likely to change, but cell phones are beginning to show up in the traffic to SCLS member library websites too. (Who knew?)

Don't panic!
It's not time to launch a mobile version of your library's website. If your library's website is getting any cell phone traffic at all, the numbers are still very, very small. (Want to know more about statistics for your library's website?  Let me know!)

If you want to see what cell phone visitors see...
Luckily, you don't need a fancy new phone to see how your library website (or any other website) looks on an itty, bitty phone browser. Take a peek with "simulator" versions of two popular phone browsers: the TestiPhone.com iPhone Simulator or the Opera Mini Simulator

(Of course, simulators are no substitute for testing with real phones, but they're quite a bit cheaper!)


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I have looked up items and placed holds in LINKcat on my cell phone (LG Voyager). It's not perfect, but it works!

Neat! (I wonder how Koha will handle it...)

Do you know what kind of browser your phone uses?

It's an HTML browser of some sort, probably LG-specific. Most web pages look like they do on a computer, although you can switch to an optimized view or text only view. There are problems with Flash and Java and some encryption stuff, but it does a good job with the basics.

So I can log into HeritageQuest using my barcode number, do a search, and view/zoom in on the scanned images, but I can't watch my HeritageQuest video tutorials.

I bet Koha will work.

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