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A delicious way to keep things

As some of you may know, I have a hard time keeping track of things. funny-pictures-cat-searches-for-a-fileMy desk is often buried under paperwork because I just can't decide how to file it (under "X"? or "Y"? or "Z"?). I used to have the same problem filing websites I wanted to bookmark, but now I use Delicious.com.

Delicious.com is a social bookmarking site which allows Internet users to save bookmarks to a public website and describe them with tags.

Here are some links to very good explanations of social bookmarking:

How I use it: I added a bookmarklet to my browser that lets me click on a button to bookmark a website. A window pops up that allows me to add notes about the site, add tags (keywords), and save it to my Delicious account. Later, I can use these tags to easily find these bookmarks again.

Why I like it:

  • A single bookmark can have multiple tags, allowing me to find it many ways.
  • There's a simple way to share bookmarks with other Delicious users.
  • I have access to all my bookmarks from any PC that can access delicious.com.
  • Bookmarks can be private or public.

If you use Delicious, I would recommend periodically backing up your Delicious bookmarks to make sure you have a copy if anything should happen to the service. Although Delicious is probably *the* leading social bookmarking service (and was purchased by Yahoo), unexpected things happen and it never hurts to have a backup!

If you're already using Delicious and are interested in doing more with it, check out the Project Play "Do More with Delicious" post.  If you're interested in how libraries are using Delicious, check out this post from the Delaware Division of Libraries.


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