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Giving thanks for my daily tools

This week, in honor of Thanksgiving,  Lifehacker is asking its readers, "What free apps are you thankful for?"  This got me thinking about what free apps I use regularly.  I thought I'd sha re a "Top 5" list with you, and maybe you'll share back in the comments!  Here's my list:Turkey

1.  Google stuff, google stuff, and more google stuff!  I use Google Reader, Google Docs, Gmail and Google Calendar on a daily basis.  They are some of the main components of my organizational system!

2.  Remember the Milk:  I love Remember the Milk for keeping track of my home to-do list.  It lets me divide tasks by different lists, but also lets me print them as one giant list. 

3.  Meebo:  IM may be old fashioned, but I still use Meebo each and every day.  Now that we have moved into a larger office, it's handier than ever for keeping in touch, even when we're in the same building!

4.  Passpack:  It might not be the password storage site for everyone, but I have come to really love having all of my passwords in one place, and having a service that will think of them for me!

5.  Aviary:  We featured Aviary in a post a few months back, and I am now a regular user.  It's so easy to manipulate pictures, including this fabulous one of my hand turkey (have you ever tried to do a hand turkey with window crayons??  It's not easy!)

So, that's my list.  How about you???

(Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/guest_family/3063606236/)


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Evernote. Evernote. Evernote. Capture web clips, photos, voice memos, handwritten notes, and I don't know what-all else, and access them from anywhere. Mega-cool.

Delicious. I have all my work and personal links together and organized so I can easily find what I need whether I'm looking for storytime themes, our juvenile backorders wiki, book discussion kit resources, and so much more.

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