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Shelving it

Today I went hunting on Google. My quarry? Shelving games or software.Shelf

What did I find? Well...first, let me say that I ruled out anything that didn't use the Dewey Decimal system. Second, let me say that my results were less than spectacular:

  • Shelving game. A very simple interface to drag and drop 6 books into Dewey order. User checks their own work. Only one set of 6 books to shelve in order. Doesn't work in Firefox.
  • Order in the Library. Practice sorting, shelving, and reordering materials with multiple levels and options for different difficulty levels.
  • Dewey Easy. Pay-for software.
  • Shelving with Dewey. An online pay-for course through WebJunction.

Is that really it? It looks like this must be one area where print resources, index cards, and hands-on training still rule. Or maybe everybody's just chucking the Dewey Decimal system?

Does your library use any software, online tutorials, or websites when training shelvers?


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Our library uses a program called ShelveIt! that is pretty good. We are actually looking now to see if we need to update our software.

Thanks for the suggestion, Carmen! It's always nice to have more options... :)

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